DLN Xtend 24: Is Criticism Just Negativity?


Here is the answer. If people did not care, they would not even bother.

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About the Ubuntu Amazon Link
Ubuntu took what was a local search box that had been exclusively for searching a local hard drive and fed the search string up to Ubuntu(?) and over to Amazon then returned Amazon search results amidst the local search results users sought.

Where it went really wrong, and most Amazon users may not even know this, Amazon has long offered a wide variety of “adult products.” xxx videos. xxx “toys.” xxx enhancements. Some “innocent” searches, at least they would have been innocent if restricted to finding files or content on local drives, returned some of those Amazon xxx products, most definitely Not Safe For Work.

Creepy, and very invasive. Worse, who know what was being tracked upstream, even if the original search term was unrelated to the xxx products it might have surfaced by coincidence on Amazon.

It seems they now have an exclusive Amazon search with affiliate link. I see nothing wrong with that.