DLN Roleplaying Campaign

Continuing the discussion from Dungeons And Dragons anyone?:

Some folks in the Discord server expressed interest in a DLN roleplaying group. I volunteered to serve as game master, and thought I would extend the invitation to the gamers on these forums as well. To that end, I’ve created a form for interested parties to fill out.

Apologies for leaning on the Big G, but Limesurvey was not cooperating. Perhaps I’ll set up a simpler, self-hosted solution in the future.

EDIT: No prior experience whatsoever is needed!

EDIT2: While I did put D&D 5e as an example on the survey, I should have mentioned that I don’t own that particular game. Just FYI!

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Submitted. :slight_smile:

How often would you think we would play?

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly?

That depends on the players, really. I should have put that in the poll. :upside_down_face: If a weekly schedule works out, awesome, but if it’s less frequent (which is probably more realistic, scheduling being what it is), that’s cool too! Do you have a preference?

You don’t need to self-host a G Docs alternative, I started a thread to help other users tackle the problem:

FOSS alternatives to Google Docs

For me it would probably be bi-weekly or monthly. I can’t set off a specific day each week.

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If it’s on Mumble i’m in. :smiley:

I’m not familiar with Mumble, but I’m sure I could figure it out if that’s where the group wants to do it. I answered the survey.

That’s part of what the survey is there to find out. :upside_down_face: I will say that Mumble seems to be winning at this time.

Ryan wrote up some instructions. I actually haven’t used it much either, as most of the people I interact with are on Discord anyway.

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Which ToS update was that?

Yikes! I probably wasn’t thinking about privacy as much when that update came out.

Alright, makes sense. If you’re interested, though, fill out the survey!

Howdy @DannyBoy, I wanted to let you know about https://foundryvtt.com/,

It is self hostable and can integrate into Jitsi. So you wouldn’t have to worry about running mumble alongside if you want it all in one package

Thanks for sharing that! Looks interesting.

Ouch, a proprietary application that costs $50 per license? Sounds like a no.

compared to Roll20 and Fantesy Grounds it has the best pricing.

I havent found an open source option for VTT yet.

MapTool is FLOSS.

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Are we married to the idea of a dudes on maps style grid game, or would we consider a theater of the mind? It’s a lot easier to play that style. My other online RPG groups just use whatever online conferencing software is convenient.

I have most experience with “theater of the mind” style games, but I am not opposed to Map grid style, I have just never tried it. :slight_smile:

PS: Maptool does not seem to launch on Manjaro. (it gets a segafult)

Roll20 is free (though there is a premium tier.) MapTool depends on an old version of Oracle Java and really is quite limited besides. I’m looking into Rolisteam currently, with Roll20 as a backup.