DLN Community Project - Quality Control Platform

Having issues connecting to Mumble, any change to the server details?

Standby, working on it now.

Great. I am having the same trouble. Keeps trying to reconnect.

Temporary new address for Mumble, i’ll PM the details

Can you send me the new details too?

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I would like to join. DevOps specialist with a lot of web experience.


Please add yourself to the list here:

Open Sign Up: https://devops.destinationlinux.network/index.php/s/e5QnZ9Wo76JaKEz

I’m going to do a situational run down Monday which’ll give everyone a good idea of where we’re at, who to engage, how to get involved, ect.

Weekly meetings are every Sat (next one is 2020-09-26T17:00:00Z) and all topics discussed are published on this thread for further discussion.

Glad to have you @stobbsm

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There has been a ton of catch up here for me. I’ve busy lately, but I think this is parallel to my current objectives and I have some time to spare now. So, I would really like to help however I can. Testing, HTML/CSS/JS, people hate my design, fuzzing and burping : ) I will follow the link above and see what I can do to help!


Previous Meeting 2020-09-19

Attendance: demotep, Goldfish92, jakesco, Kobberholm, MudLight48, Shaderoit, Ulfnic

Minutes: Ulfnic


  • Mission statements: Project Mission Statement
  • Formation of the QC infosec team: Shaderoit & Ulfnic
  • draw.io chosen for site mapping
  • Jump start to inner/inter team discussion
  • Meeting proposals for code overviews for getting everyone introduced to current framework proofs of concept.
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Next Meeting:

2020-09-26T17:00:00Z (40 minutes, same day/time)

Open Itinerary: https://devops.destinationlinux.network/index.php/s/SZ6dFJ2kbtKNkBt

Location && Instructions to Join:
Anyone new please add your information to the sign up form and PM me for details.

Open Sign Up: https://devops.destinationlinux.network/index.php/s/e5QnZ9Wo76JaKEz


All DLN Community QC development should be placed on pause till next meeting.

DLN leadership has received some crucial feedback and there’ll be realignment, slimming down and refocusing of the project’s direction that’ll streamline our path to a much earlier success.

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Hi everyone!

On Saturday’s meeting we talked a lot about defining and focusing the project direction. Michael mentioned the project should be “A platform where projects can find testers and testers can find projects to work with”. @goldfish92 and I came up with a couple user stories just to get some ideas on paper for what features a minimum viable product might have. The intent is to have something written down so we can all have an idea of what this project is supposed to be and be pushing in the same direction.

The document is “user_stories” on the Quality Control Platform Nextcloud. These user stories can definitely be broken down into smaller features, but this will be a great step so we can start assigning people to tackle specific tasks. Feel free to add/edit.

In my mind this project is really for open source developers. It would be very helpful if we could get some open source developers to discuss exactly what kinds of information they want to see from testers, and maybe a list of some things they wish they could do, but their current QA methods just cant provide.

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THANK YOU @jakesco @goldfish92 for taking the initiative. My job is to save you time so you can keep doing the good work, that is awesome to hear. I wish we had more time last meeting to get into project scope but a few topics ran long.

As mentioned by Ryan/Michael there’s liability issues that impact the scope. I’m assisting with getting those limitations into text, time allowing for all parties given they’re busy running the network. This’ll be posted to the forum within the week.

Minutes finished:

Special thank you to @kobberholm in the after-meeting discussion for really hashing it out with me over database choices for an hour+. Kobber mentioned going with a managed database service (exampling DO) that’s based on FOSS and set up as a cluster. That solves scale-ability, portability, build time, maintenance and reduction in liability all in one swing so I hope that’s not the last we hear of that idea. Good one.

Glad to have had you @Abstract_Penguin, hoping to get your introduction in next meeting and we can do an early mic check.

Some Mumble issues with dropping people in the first minute, working with @Shaderoit over a better deploy for next meeting.

Next Meeting:

Proposed: 2020-10-03T16:00:00Z (1hr)

Open Itinerary: https://devops.destinationlinux.network/index.php/s/LMCtefn4Q7LXWQS

Location && Instructions to Join:
Anyone new please add your information to the sign up form and PM me for details.

Open Sign Up: https://devops.destinationlinux.network/index.php/s/e5QnZ9Wo76JaKEz

Just to double-check. We’re moving the meeting to Monday?

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Thank you @jakesco, I had it sitting in a draft for a day prior to posting and I think it messed up the time variable. Edit in!

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Proposed time for meetings (incl. meeting this Sat):

2020-10-03T16:00:00Z (every Sat)

TWinL needed to be moved earlier and Michael won’t be able to attend meetings unless they’re moved 1 hour earlier. It may also make things easier for the UK as some meetings run long.

Any thoughts? time conflicts?

Thank you to Ryan @DasGeek for putting out the call on DL for someone to join the legal part of the team as discussed last meeting.

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I can make 12.