Dissenter Browser plugin

Anyone using that?

If you are not familiar with it. the plugin allows you to make various comments on sites, even where not comments even are allowed, without having to log into the site, or being tracked.

If any are interested, you will have to get it off Github instead of their main site since they are now instead pimping their Chromium based fork of Brave. We don’t need any more of those.

Here is the Github link

Tried it for a bit after whole Mozilla banning it controversy. Community was pretty toxic so I stopped.

What do you mean it was toxic?

Rude, abusive and stupid comments were very common.
What’s more, there wasn’t really any interesting content either, so no reason to go through it either.

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Well, just like this site, if you want interesting content, you have to help contribute that interesting content.
Just filter out the stuff you don’t like/not interested in, Just like here.

The problem is, toxic behavior attracts more toxic behavior and simultaneously scares away people who might have something interesting to offer.
Why the hell would I fight battle against many, many more people, for community I don’t care about when community in question seems perfectly happy with itself?

Why would I force being in place I don’t like, when I can have much better time in other corners of the internet, like this forum which doesn’t have filth at all?