Digital logo design (help requested)


Anyone here a designer? I have a (hopefully) quick request for a stylized logo that I’d like to put on a t shirt.

I was hoping to make a t shirt based on some of the banter from a few recent Destination Linux episodes. On the front, I wanted the DL logo, but with Tux on the ergo stool. Was thinking that could be the vertical part of the “L” and maybe the floor could be the bottom (horizontal) part.

I’ve tried to attach a (terrible) sketch that I made.

Also, on the back, I was thinking of having “The journey is just as important as the destignation” (from when they were teasing Michael about how he was pronouncing Gnome). I have to go back and double check the exact quote still.


Fair enough.

My intention wasn’t to sell the thing. Mostly just to make one for myself.

However, I definitely am willing to commission the thing and then post the design online for other people to use.

Not sure what a fair price would be though, since I’ve never asked for something like this before. Any ideas?

or maybe this could be done as a part of the DLN Store. We should try to do some reference shirts anyway :smiley:


Well, someone needs to take my money for this shirt. May as well be the people who have me splitting my sides.

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