Destination Linux 196: Going Sub-Atomic With Quantum Computing



Know the difference, don’t be fooled by DLM!!


Spotting a Michael fake:

  1. Michael has a beard
  2. No stool in background

Spotting a Ryan fake:

  1. Ryan wears a DasGeek green/black hat
  2. Ryan doesn’t put his posters in picture frames

Spotting a Noah fake:

  1. Noah doesn’t need to transpose a nuclear shelter background
  2. Looking at camera instead of Matrix documentation

DigitalLake is a total knock off of DigitalOcean, I tried their service once but couldn’t make it very far.

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Compare to the real DLN:


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Thanks, everyone, very interesting show! I agree Quantum Computing has the potential to completely change everything. Not sure how soon its use will become widespread though. Fascinating physics underlying the concepts - I’m very behind on my reading for that but hope to catch up in the near future!

Also I’m currently installing Plasma on Fedora 33, so let’s see if it manages multiple DEs as flawlessly as Debian does :slight_smile:

This is hilarious :rofl:

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Also hilarious [quote=“PatPlusLinux, post:4, topic:2879, full:true”]

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