Destination Linux 181: BTRFS vs ZFS in 1st Ever DL Battledome! + Interview with Hosts of Sudo Show

Originally published at: Destination Linux 181: BTRFS vs ZFS in DL Battledome + Interviewing Hosts of Sudo Show

Destination Linux 181: BTRFS vs ZFS in 1st Ever DL Battledome! + Interview with Hosts of Sudo Show - YouTube Coming up on this week’s episode of Destination Linux, we’re going to hold the first ever battle in the DL Battledome! This inaugural event will see BTRFS face off against one and only ZFS! Who will become the champion of the OCTAGON! Then we’ll answer some questions about systemd in the Community Feedback. This…


I’m cheering for BTRFS, but just so long as you don’t use it in RAID5… :wink:

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Another terrific episode! Very much enjoyed the content!

Sorry, I could NOT stop laughing @kernellinux being put on the spot for RedHat’s consideration of BTRFS!!! I was smiling and chuckling to myself ALL DAY today because of this! Noah, you, sir, are a great sport! Small wonder this show is such a successful and entertaining addition to the Linux Community at large. :smiley:


ZFS wins, even if running with a finger up its nose. All my systems run and boot from ZFS! Ryzen Desktop (16GB DDR4) on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, SandyBridge laptop (8GB DDR3) on Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS and 32-bits Pentium 4 Backup Server (1.25 GB DDR) on FreeBSD 12.1. File system compatibility between Linux and BSD and even 64-bits Linux and 32-bits BSD :slight_smile:

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@dasgeek I do sort of take offense around the 59 minute mark…


Thanks, everyone - what a hilarious episode - also some pretty serious stuff at the start! Poor Noah, though, got the brunt of a lot of the humour, but it was such fun!

I’ve been looking into both the sys-admin and development side of things of late, and of course had to start taking a serious look at DevOps, though I was familiar with Agile from previously. Next implementation I do, I’m likely to be using the tools and techniques very directly, especially if Ubuntu Touch uses them. Looks like the new show will be on my list for regular views, which is getting longer and longer!

With regard to the filesystems, I still feel a bit nervous using anything other than ext4. I remember studying benefits of B-tree based systems back in college so I do think Btrfs is a very interesting technology. Only this week I finally got Fedora up again in a VM as previously the upgrade had failed. I will be interested to see how it performs when Btrfs becomes standard.

I first tried Stellarium, probably more than ten years ago. It’s fantastic - but I’m not a heavy user so wouldn’t know the fine points. Did Mulder never use it in X Files, I wonder?! :wink: