Destination Linux 176: Best Beginner Distros and Stool Merch!

Originally published at: Destination Linux 176: Best Beginner Distros and Stool Merch!


Whaaaaat?!? A Kawasaki Ninja!!! We demand PICS!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


@dasgeek or @MichaelTunnell: Is there any reason why all of the people’s names started with the letter “S”?

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The best part about the Ninja is it’s sitting position is 1/2 touring 1/2 sport so you can do something called “active riding”.

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I kinda miss my Ninja. It was a yellow 250 and it made me smile every time I looked at it. Spent about $20 on gas every week to get back and fourth to work 80 miles (round trip) 5 days a week.

Yes, because Ryan had already done 3 of the 5 that way and I felt like going all out on the alliteration. :sunglasses:

I will try to find one . . . I think I only have one pic left of the time I had it. I wasnt much of a photo person back then and I wish I was.

Ok I am impressed with this trolling! lol This has truth about the ride and also uses it to mock the stool . . .well done sir! lol

I loved the 250 model of the Ninja because it was so flexible and took corners so awesome! I had a black 250 back in the day. I think now the 300 or 350 would be perfect because the 250 was just slightly underpowered at times but now with slightly more power combined with still being flexible. . …man that sounds awesome!


Thanks, @dasgeek and @MichaelTunnell. Very interesting suggestions. I think for the beginner wanting to learn systems admin / get certified CentOS might be useful as they’re aiming to learn a lot more than the average new user and CentOS is closed to RHEL, which maybe is a solid industry standard?

The 8GB Pi is very exciting. I wonder if it’ll runs vanilla Debian though?