Destination Linux 174: The Show Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

Originally published at: Destination Linux 174: The Show Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint


Loved the new video effects, especially for when you have 3 co-hosts and swap to the single screen when one person is into a longer comment. Very professional. Good job Michael.

I really appreciated the talk about social media and presenting yourself online. I agree that you have to have a network, that makes total sense. I also agree that @MichaelTunnell is crazy for having and using Facebook, (shhhh, I do too) but he does run it in a Firefox container so that makes it okay. Ahem… that said, I think it is so important on how we present ourselves but at the same time, I think it is also incredibly important to give people grace and not read anything negative into anything said. Just look at the positives and just assume that everyone is doing their best to be awesome is the way I like to fly in life.

Great show!

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Thanks everyone - enjoyed this, especially the new intro and effects e.g. focusing on individual etc. I particularly enjoy how the graphic represents “Destination Linux” quite literally!

Much appreciated advice on job-hunting / presentation online and via social networks.

PineTab has to be my favourite news, this episode. Am keeping a close eye on this and PinebookPro especially if they’ll run vanilla Debian :slight_smile: