Destination Linux 161: Dalton Durst of UBports (Ubuntu Touch), PinePhone, OpenShot, Blender

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Wonder why Shotcut never comes up during video editors discussions on your show. It’s free, open source and cross platform. Simple to use and have most of, if not all, functions and features required by average user. Can be installed as snap, flatpak, AppImage… It check all the boxes yet nobody is talking about it.

@Pelvur you are correct, it is a shame that it is not often talked about. I do talk about it fairly often, even included it in my Kdenlive conferece talk :smiley:

I think the issue is it is not on the radar of a lot of people and for me it is missing a more seamless workflow. Shotcut is very good for regular users but it misses some things for me and thats why I dont use it even though I think it is very good!

However, now that I see that they have recently released a new version thanks to you bringing this up. The next episode of This Week in Linux will cover it and maybe DL will soon as well. :sunglasses:

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I know I’m behind on episodes, but thanks everyone - terrific news in this episode! Really excited that Linux Phones are approaching a reality. I think UBPorts may be the first OS I try on a PinePhone when I get one :slight_smile: As a long-term fan of vanilla Debian, I’m especially pleased to hear that MX Linux is providing the latest hardware support on the stable base I expect from Debian, though I myself haven’t tried MX.