Destination Linux 160: Ubuntu Kylin, elementary AppCenter, NVidia GeForce Now, Raspberry Pi


Prediction: Linux devs will continue to produce package managers till they produce YAPM (Yet Another Package Manager) which’ll cap it off with the sheer weight of satirical self deprecation.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but . . . Yet Another Package Manager download |


o… mmm… gg… LOL

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Great episode guys.

Around 1:06:37 Ryan refers to an issue he had with getting his photos off of his iPhone and used a raspberry pi to help solve it. He said it was mentioned earlier but I can’t find it earlier in the episode, was it cut or a reference to another episode? I’m genuinely curious to the solution.

Personally I’ve tried a lot of self hosted solutions but I ended up having to use Nextcloud. I’m not 100% happy with it though as it does have performance issues with large amounts of photos. A lot of FOSS photo solutions do not have iOS apps so the choices seem to be limited.


Just so you guys are aware…


Unless it’s Pop!_OS, which is close enough to default that it isn’t worth taking them out.

PopOS changes a LOT of stuff though even the theming. What distro do you use GNOME on when you “don’t use extensions”? :smiley:

Fedora, Arch (where you know for sure there aren’t any), openSUSE Tumbleweed.
Theming isn’t handled through extensions. I actually like the look of Adwaita (Dark!)

EDIT: Sorry for the battery of short posts; Telegram reflexes kicking in.

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Fedora does add one, it’s worthless and there’s no point but they do. :smiley:

Arch fair point but I thought openSUSE did make changes. Last I heard they did (from one of their devs)

Theming of the Shell is what I was referring to, not windows. In order to theme the shell you have to install a special extension which PopOS has.

Regarding correct theming for apps packaged as snaps, Wimpy is on it:

Based on that info, I would say we’re about 1 year away before the theming issue is solved in snaps-land for the most usual cases.

(As I side note, I liked how the “horse trading” between the teams works inside Canonical.)

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openSUSE GNOME does not have any. I forgot about the one in Fedora, since it is, as you pointed out, worthles. I also forgot to mention Debian earlier as a theme-less GNOME distro I’ve used.

EDIT: yeah, that’s right about the user shell themes extension. I haven’t themed GNOME in a long time, even though I’m neurotic about ricing my tiling WM setup. :rofl:

This interview with the elementary OS devs by The Linux Gamer about AppCenter for everyone is really enlightening. The idea isn’t just so that you can install the AppCenter front-end on every distribution, but so that you can use their pay-what-you want system with any front-end you choose, whether that be the command line, GNOME Software, Discover, or some other front-end, just by adding their Flatpak remote (such as I understand it.) There are systems built into Flatpak that would make it possible, for example, to have a payment dialogue (likely distributed as a Flatpak) pop up whenever you install install an app from their remote, installing itself automatically if needed.

Really saddened to see @zebedee.boss stepping down from being on camera.

Hopefully we’ll see him back again one day :+1:


I was so disappointed that GeForce Now does not work on Linux.

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Yep agreed, thanks for all the good times on the show @zebedee.boss, been a listener since you first appeared as producer with Rocco and Ryan.


Look at the bright side. YAPM hasn’t been updated since May, 2014. Well before Snappy and Snaps.

But on the downside, Wikipedia shows 22 package managers out there, so what’s a 23rd?

EDIT. Oops, they don’t show eopkg so make that 23 now.

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Thanks everyone for another really interesting episode. I’ve been wondering about Zeb so sorry to hear he won’t be hosting any more. Good to know you’re still in the community though @zebedee.boss ! I still don’t own a Pi or Pis, though this portable solution does sound very useful. I have to say I’m not convinced about universal packages becoming a comprehensive solution, though I can certainly think they’re excellent and reduce development time. My guess is that some major distributions will continue to exist that provide custom repositories, if only in part due to efficient use of resources such as disk space - possibly also memory though I’m not sure exactly how loading of application images works for AppImage, Flatpak and Snaps. I do really dislike how snaps seem to clutter the filesystem though on commands such as df. Also I use Gnome with possibly less than a handful of tweaks / extensions and enjoy it very much :slight_smile: