Destination Linux 157: Zorin OS, Intel GPU, Valve, Firefox & More


Thanks everyone, really enjoyed this and looking forward to the new Hardware Addicts podcasts too :slight_smile:

@zebedee.boss, sorry to hear of the loss of your friend; sounds like he was a great guy as well as a strong member of the Linux Community. My thoughts are with all of his family and friends.

The new enterprise-level tool for ZorinOS sounds fantastic. I know someone who’s looking to set up a small business and set up the networked machines as Linux only, so we’ll consider that as an option, possibly, though I would have thought perhaps Ubuntu might be worth looking at for both server and desktops. Myself being a fan of Debian and knowing it’s stability, would lean more towards that though I’m not sure what support options are available for an enterprise basing their systems on that.

Whatever Mozilla are doing, I wish them well. They’re the last FOSS man standing out of the big browsers; I really wouldn’t want them to be swept aside. We absolutely need choice in that arena in my opinion. I hope their redeployment of resources helps them progress in the areas they wish to move into as well.

Thumbs-up for VeraCrypt - an excellent replacement for the excellent TrueCrypt of old!

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