Delayed Tuxedo laptop order

ON the 29th March I placed and order for a new Tuxedo laptop and today finally got an email. It says that on the third of May the three week build cycle will begin, So I may not get the laptop until maybe June with delivery taken into consideration. Is this normal? Does anyone have any first hand experience with Tuxedo, have they been true to their word?

I am aware of global chip shortages and that they may have genuinely had trouble getting parts.

It might be similar to how smaller companies like Pine64 do their orders in batches.

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Finally got some communication from tuxedo. They are now saying that if they have the parts they will start manufacturing which takes three weeks.

When it does arrive I’ll need to sort out import duty which I have no clue about.

While I am sure it will eventually arrive I am honestly wishing I’d never heard of tuxedo. There were plenty of other laptops to choose from.

There is no “normal” in the computer manufacturing world right now.

Component shortages has hit everyone, not just small companies.

I had ordered a Dell laptop from Dell directly. It took over 2 months to arrive.

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Thanks for the reality check @Strit

I am thinking this is probably one of the reasons why models that are in stock in local stores (such as PCWorld in the UK) are holding their prices quite high, especially during lockdown when they’re in demand. I’m hoping as things ease-up and folks start heading back into the office, laptops suitable for home use will drop in price.