Deepin 20; great desktop, inflexible mediocre distro

The new Deepin 20 looks beautiful, but some Apps are very primitive. Music and Photos are not working very well with ~8000 files, and the way to present that info is sub standard. The music App completely froze for approx half an hour trying to load the music files. I thought it crashed. Both Apps use a lot of memory ~1GB completely undoing the memory efficiency of the OS itself ~500MB after booting. Unless you only have a few music and photo files, you will have to install e.g. Lollipop for the music and you will have to find another photo manager too. Besides I preferred the previous control center, you did not have to guess how a certain utility had been categorized, you could very fast scan them all on the right.

I almost always work from VMs, so I don’t like to be forced by the installer to reserve more than 64GB for disk space and I don’t like to be forced into a separate home partition. I run those VMs on top of Ubuntu’s minimal install with ZFS, so I have absolutely no need for a big filled backup/recovery partition. That is much better taken care of by ZFS on my Host!

Conclusion; great desktop but mediocre, inflexible distro. Maybe the next Ubuntu remix of Deepin has better Apps and is more flexible.

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I haven’t tested Deepin 20 extensively yet but I agree I prefer the old control center. I used the 15 version for some weeks but I was new to Linux at the time so I couldn’t achieve what I wanted. Then the dhs strike again :sweat_smile:
Thought it would be interesting ti test it again now I more at ease. I tried the Ubuntu remix when it came out but I could not even manage to install it :man_shrugging: