Debian 10 Buster to Debian 10 Bullseye upgrade!

I was checking the Debian website until late yesterday (UK time) waiting for Debian 11 Bullseye to be officially released. It had been by the time I woke (extra early) this morning. I upgraded one of my machines (bare metal); as usual no apparent issues even though about 3000 package updates were involved. I have Plasma, Gnome and XFCE all installed. Everything worked just fine except XFCE was sending me back to login screen when I selected it as the session option. So… I purged the xfce4 package, then reinstalled it, and it’s all good again!

Doing an upgrade on a VM running under VirtualBox on Win10 as I type. Hopefully that will run smoothly too!

Update: VM upgrade went smoothly too. Minor point: I ran the upgrades from command line in a terminal window under Plasma. By the time the updates had been done, the DE seemed a little confused and wasn’t giving me the option to restart from the menu, so I had to use a link to terminal from my panel and then issue a reboot command from command line, which worked fine. So far, very happy with it indeed. Boot time definitely seems reduced!


Upgrading my VMs to Debian 11 now. Thanks for posting this.

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That can happen and is not really an issue but because of that I always recommend to go into tty mode, that way you do not have a broken GUI while upgrading all packages, the GUI and DE included. Later just reboot without glitches.
Actually that is also the preferred way how some people (I know Siduction) do their regular dist-upgrades on sid.

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You’re right of course. I should have done that anyway! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: