Constructive criticism for 'This Week in Linux' podcast

Hey @MichaelTunnell,

Wanted to give some constructive feedback, hope it’s useful. I’ve been listening to ‘This Week in Linux’ for about a year, but I just unsubscribed. I’m a keen Linux advocate behind the scenes.

The last episode this week had too much housekeeping at the beginning. (There’s always a lot of housekeeping. It’s becoming overbearing.)

And I felt there were way too many ads for such a short podcast.

In fact - and this is going to sound harsh so I apologise - but this was the first time I ever witnessed the podcast equivalent of one of those old windows freeware download sites which have way too many ad banners, pop-ups, forced refreshes etc (things that desperately make money to keep it alive).

Since this podcast was not the only place I gather Linux news - one other similarish podcast and some youtube channels - the ratio of content quality/quantity to ads/housekeeping (ergo kinda more ads) wasn’t high enough to be a worthwhile experience.

I love your humour though. You have made me belly laugh a few times. I definitely share the same embarrassing sense of humour as you. :stuck_out_tongue:

So this is a shame, but yeah that’s why I simply had to unsubscribe. I’m only one of many listeners you have / have had.

Hope that helps!

First of all, I’m sad that you felt you had to unsubscribe but I do appreciate you taking the time to create an account here on the forum (welcome by the way) to let me know why. I very much appreciate you taking the time to send in feedback.

First quick survey style question, are you aware of the Segment Index (timestamps) on the video version and the Chapter Bookmarks on the podcast version that allows for jumping around the show?

If you’d be willing to, I’d like to discuss this feedback a bit. I did a breakdown of this week’s episode related to your comments and here is the data I found. Total runtime was 39:34 with a total ad time of 3:44 and a housekeeping length of 2:29. This is a ratio of non-show to show is 6:13 to 33:21, alternatively displayed as 16% non-show content.

I think your point about the housekeeping being too long is fair, I will make adjustments to that in the next episode, 127.

I don’t feel like the Ads portion is excessive as this is only 9% of total runtime. However, I do see the point of the combination of ads and housekeeping due to housekeeping admittedly being too verbose.

What is your opinion on the above points and also would the change to housekeeping solve the issue? I also plan to make adjustments to the ad reads as well but I feel the culprit of excessive is the housekeeping length.

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