Computer doesn't boot and goes to grub rescue

Hey DLNers,

I was on my computer yesterday and while I was going through mail in Thunderbird it froze up. About a minute later my whole desktop (Plasma) went black with only the mouse cursor showing/moving. I restarted the computer and it went to a Grub rescue prompt after saying it could not find device

At first I thought my SSD drive went bad. But I dual boot with a Windows hard drive as well (thought I haven’t booted into it for months) and it doesn’t even get to that selection screen.

Could it be that Grub just went bad and not my drive? I have an Antergos install so maybe an Arch update messed it up?
What would be the steps to attempt to fix this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Only thing I can think of, is to check your bios, see if it shows your disks.

Download an archiso and boot off that, have a poke around and see whats up, you may have to chroot into your Antergos to investigate it deeper, if nothings obvious.

Good Luck

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This is a great tool that will help fix GRUB and find any bootable options on your machine. Load this on a USB and you can at least rule out whether or not it’s just a GRUB problem. Super Grub2 Disk


So as it stands right now this story has a good and bad ending. The good part is that I booted up my computer today. Looked at the bios to check if the drive was there (it was). So I thought that meant Grub broke. I then continued the boot and my computer booted right up just like it used to and I’m writing this reply from it.

So good in that my computer is back to normal. Bad in that I have no idea what actually happened or what broke/got fixed again.

Appreciate the replies though!


That’s great :slight_smile:

Have a look through this: After Install Guide might give you some info of what happened and maybe a possible fix from happening again.

Post your journalctl -p 3 -xb here if you need any help :wink:


I get an error about vulkan but it’s dated after the non booting issue. So it doesn’t help much. Thanks for the tip about journalctl. I’ll keep that in mind for future problems.