Can We Get Some Coverage / Opinions About "Twake" In Comparison With Matrix?

I am in need of implementing a collaboration platform in the near future, and I am pleased with what I am seeing about Matrix and its future potential. I have an account and I am using it.

However I need more collaboration tools now, and I see that there is an up-and-coming (?) alternative called TWAKE that integrates a calendar and document editing and other collaboration features that aren’t presently in Matrix:

Could some of you guys on the shows let us know if you have looked at Twake and what you think of it? It appears to be significantly ahead of Matrix in terms of certain features like Calendar and Document sharing, but it’s hard to tell and I certainly am not the expert that you guys are.

If you could potentially add this to your list of things to review, or comment on either in the shows or here on the forum, that would be appreciated!