Call police if your child has installed Kali Linux, or Discord!

The UK’s National Crime Agency has publicly distanced itself from a poster urging parents to call police if their child has installed Kali Linux, Tor or – brace yourself – Discord.

Issued by the West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit (WMROCU) via local area councils, the poster in question lists a slack handful of common infosec tools – as well as some that clearly have nothing to do with computer security.


I saw that posted on LinkedIn and left a comment that ‘we don’t need attitudes like this’ and then asked where the dislike button is.


Yeah - the funny thing is one of the logo’s at the bottom of the ‘flyer’ was for the National Crime Agency - who immediately backed off saying they had nothing to do with this…


The whole thing is just funny.

It just goes to show, if you don’t know what you’re talking about then keep your pie-hole shut.

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Kali Linux had a nice answer to this :


It’s hilarious to get a glimpse in to the psyche of certain British government organizations. Unfortunately, it’s also terrifying - imaging if these organizations actually got their way!! I’m proudly teaching my 3 year old Linux. By the way, he uses Arch.


It is terrifying. If you see all the simple things people are arrested for now days, especially with their “Anti-Social” behavior laws. I saw once where the police wanted to arrest a guy for simply taking photographs in public. One guy was arrested for reading out loud, a Winston Churchill book in public! I am sorry to say, but it seems the UK has become the NAZI state it fought so hard against in WWII.