Buy a 3200G now, or wait on a 3400G

Hey friends,

Help me settle an internal dispute: I can buy a 3200G today for a workstation build but not the 3400G (which appears to our of stock across Canada); should I buy the 3200G or wait for a restock (if that happens any time soon) or swallow the increasing price based on current supply?

I’m a web developer, so imagine a tonne of browser tabs, a few containers running, maybe a small vagrant VM and build scripts for days, could a 3200G handle that well enough? I have a terabyte nvme and 32GB of memory, would that mitigate any performance penalty?

Not a big difference.

The only concern might be losing half the cpu threads. They’re sort of like “pretend” cores making it easier for software to split up work loads. They’re mainly for doing heavy video editing but it can also be handy for dividing up CPU usage within VMs and It can help with tabs but only if you’re opening a ton at once or if several are continuously hogging obnoxious amounts of cpu time (which loaded websites rarely do). I don’t see the drop in threads being an big issue for your use case though.

You could always hedge your bet and sell the 3200g when the 5400g becomes available.

Oh I also have lower specced hardware than that aside from the 8 threads and it’s smooth as butter with 2 VMs and 40+ tabs.

Perfect. I was really looking for someone to twist my rubber arms into buying both :rofl:

I was honestly just looking for someone with real world experience. Most review focus on value for gaming, of which I have little interest at the moment.

I use a Ryzen 3 2200G and I use it with a minimal install of Ubuntu 20.04 as Host and I have a 5 VMs for office stuff, banking, multimedia, experiments and Windows 10. I run always with the office VM also serving email/whatsapp/torrents. Often I run 2 additional VMs without problems. I only see the system slow down somewhat, when I did run the large half-year upgrade for Windows 10.
In April 2019 the Ryzen 3 was an intermediate step for me and basically I’m waiting for the release of the ZEN-2 APUs with 6 or 8 cores somewhere this year. The ZEN-2 laptop versions are already available, the desktop versions will arrive as 4200G, 4400G etc. probably when the ZEN-3 CPUs are announced. They also combined the announcement of the 3200G/3400G and the ZEN-2 CPUs.

Don’t buy those APUs now, the prices are ridiculous compared to a few months ago. On Newegg even the older 2200G costs around $135 now and I bought it one year ago for $ 95.

I’m waiting on the refresh as well, hoping for that (hopefully) higher core count but suspect launch dates are still some months off.

Two votes of confidence for the Ryzen 3, so far. I think that’s the direction I’ll head and replace it later, if there’s a suitable option in the future.