Blender Appreciation Thread

We have many Blender enthusiasts and people learning to use it, so I think it’s a good idea to share our experience, work, news, hints, techniques and so on.

Personally, I started learning Blender long time ago and was pleasantly surprised to find out, modeling is much easier than expected. I got to the point, where I was able to make any not too complex solid objects with basic texturing.

This teacup is example of one of my better works from back then:

After that I didn’t do anything for a long while, but I got back into Blender recently.

Now I’m trying to make character. Modeling went better than excepted. Currently I added bones and try to learn the best way to move them. It’s a whole new field and I’m gonna spend sometime learning it.


This is my first time creating character in Blender.
There’s still a lot to do and some parts don’t look like I want them too but it’s really fun to see progress being made.


I will have to show this thread to my oldest, she is thinking about learning how to use Blender.

That looks nice! I mainly use blender for video editing. I find that its the only Linux video editor that continues to work consistently

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I made something in blender, and wanted to share it before it goes live.