Bench Marking Software

Hey Everyone

I get to work with alot of hardware from new and second user laptops entry level to your high end stuff also same for pc’s. I run a small IT company and see alot of hardware coming in and out of my workshop.

I have been thinking - getting in to linux slwoly but surely i would like to make maybe video’s or even just a blog on every computer that comes in and give it linux to see how it performs.

I was thinking of doing it for Ubuntu or even maybe 3 different distro’s but i wanted to know if there is any type of bench marking software that i could use when i install the os on the hardware to show off how the hardware performs on each distro. for example i currently have a HP 840, Acer Aspire S5 HP 255, Alientware M15 (i think that was the model when i booked it in) and a Lenovo X1 Carbon on the bench. O and a lenovo V145 brand new read to prep for a client.

My plan would be to put a fresh ssd in each unit laptop so i dont mess with the clients data and install Linux to see the performance.

I look forward to any replies.


The Phoronix Test Suite is the most comprehensive benchmark utility you will find. Also Geekbench has a Linux version as well.


Hey thanks ethanol I will check them out.

Thanks for such a quick reply.