Battle of the Browsers, they all Lose | DLN Xtend 75

On this episode of DLN Xtend we discuss the battle of the web browsers.

Welcome to episode 75 of DLN Xtend. DLN Xtend is a community powered podcast. We take conversations from the DLN Community from places like the DLN Discourse Forums, Telegram group, Discord server and more. We also take topics from other shows around the network to give our takes.

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12:38 Topic- Battle of the Browsers
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Part of the problem is the competitive market around building Websites moved to requiring copy/pasting of almost 100% of your codebase to stay price competitive. For that to work everything needs to be “one size fits all” so you end up with XXXXL sized libraries both browser and server have to run.

Beautiful quote from Nate:

“If you have enough enthusiasm and you’re on fire, some people at least come to watch you burn.”


And makes things super frustrating for users.

Ya, @CubicleNate is pretty darn awesome!

I try to use Firefox as much as possible and don’t want to see it die. As for the rest, they do the job I suppose. I guess I do like edge and brave. I try to avoid Chrome these days. Interesting topic though. I wonder what we’ll be using in 2031?


I stole that quote from someone, I can’t remember who but it was about 18 or 20 years ago.

That said, the model of website creation doesn’t look to be sustainable for the long term. I wonder how things will shake out. It actually gives me a lot of hope that new efficiencies will be implemented.

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