Archdeepin 19.11

archdeepin - archlinux with deepin desktop with installer

Notes for this Build:

  • Live Account (try before you install)
  • Easy to use CLI Installer
  • Linux Kernel: latest
  • Uses Approx 8GB of hard drive space after install
  • Works in a virtual machine and on Hardware (hardware recommended)
  • Option to create a swapfile (recommended)
  • 450MB at first boot (approx)


  1. deepin-boot-maker 2) deepin-calculator 3) deepin-clone
    4) deepin-community-wallpapers 5) deepin-draw 6) deepin-editor 7) deepin-movie
    8) deepin-music 9) deepin-picker 10) deepin-screen-recorder
    11) deepin-screensaver-pp 12) deepin-screenshot 13) deepin-terminal
    14) deepin-voice-recorder

First Boot:

  1. Start the installer on desktop
  2. Go through the install process in order
  3. After install, Close installer & Reboot

After install:

  1. Update your mirrorlist
  2. In a terminal do a sudo pacman -Syy then update with sudo pacman -Syu
  3. Use like any other arch install

Added software:

  • linux
  • linux-headers
  • base-devel
  • gedit
  • linux-firmware
  • gnome-disk-utility
  • terminus-font
  • ttf-hannom (Fixes Chinese and Vietnamese fonts in browser)
  • gparted
  • custom wallpaper (by antechdesigns)
  • dconf-editor
  • firefox

Download archdeepin


This is awesome Thank you so much @ant I was messing around with deepin becuase i really love it and trying to get it working with the sounds. Does it have system sound working because i was unable to get system sound working log out shutdown boot up?. If anyone know how to fix that so the sound work i have tried with different types of deepin installes.

thanks @TJ-Wolf

that’s a bug, if you turn on auto login the sound comes back :wink:

deepin V20 should be released in January, hopefully it will be fixed :wink:

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This is amazing, my second Linux os ever was actually Arch Linux with dde installed. I am definitely going to try this!

Updated to 20.1 Link in first post.

Really like it a lot - thank you. Very cool.

your welcome and thank you :wink: