Arch linux boot issue

Hello I have been running arch linux on my older desktop for a couple of months now. It has been working fine until this week when I booted it up I got the attached error message. Has anybody here seen this message before and know how to fix it ?

A couple things to try:
Boot from an external ubuntu usb drive and use boot-repair:

Boot from an external ubuntu usb drive and install arch-install-scripts, mount your os partition, and arch-chroot into. Then run ‘sudo pacman -S linux’, ’ sudo pacman -S grub’
‘sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg’

I really hope that helps. I’ve been dealing with alot of arch/GRUB problems recently. Please get back if that helps(or if it doesn’t).:smile:

Would I be able to burn a arch install iso and just skip the arch install scripts part ?

So I get the ubuntu USB booting and it has the keyboard logo at the bottom and then the screen just goes black and doesn’t continue to a menu or anything. It’s really weird

Yikes!! Any idea how that could have happened? Bad download, bad USB stick, bad burn? Try using the LTS version maybe?

Yes that would be fine but you could not use boot-repair…

…As it is unavailable in Arch Linux.

My best guess would be you need to try redownloading/reburning the .iso, and possibly use a different USB stick. :man_shrugging:
If you really can’t fix it, maybe try calling/emailing in to the Ask Noah Show. I believe Noah helps people with linux problems.

Good luck!

This usually works for me. I’ve also had to reinstall the kernel a few times before I could fix a similar error message. pacman -S linux

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Thanks eric I will try the suggestions here in the next few days. Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately I have not had a chance to try and troubleshoot it more as I have been busy. Will update you on the progress in the next few days