Any Blender Users in DLN community?

Are there any Blender users inthe DLN community ? Blender 3.0 is out and honestly it is so much more pallateable to get into now ranging from Typography, 3d Modeling, Sculpting and 3d Drawing. I know there is a Photography section, so there are creatives here ! I think Michael has a Graphic design background so i was curious to know, before I started posting Donuts, Bonsai trees and Hamburgers in the forum.

Cheers :partying_face:

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Personally, I would love to see what you create here in the forums. I use Blender but for video editing. I’ve never done anything substational with the 3D aspect but would love to learn to create my own video intros. So please post away.

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I think there’s a file size limit on posting here maybe sub 500kb? i get very long "Processing. . . " times. Maybe I’ll take screenshots and try that.

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I might start using it more for video editing. Recently I used it to give my kid “force lightening” in a video but that was the first time I’d ever used it. Definitely want to check out 3 if it’s easier to use.

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Hey there! I use Blender! In fact, I’ve been adding some artwork I’ve been making in Blender to this DLN thread: A Linux artwork - #14 by bhibb

Feel free to throw sdome of your art in that thread if you like!


Yeah, I have had trouble uploading screenshots or anything over 500kb . . . So I quickly abandoned it. but I will join your thread instead.

Sure thing! You can always link screenshots or renders using other platforms. For instance, for my videos I’ve used Mastodon to host the content, and for the renders, I think I have used IMGUR. That way I can get around whatever limit there is.

Wow, that is excellent!

I’m just going to reuse this thread to boost Blender users on Linux!

Here’s a artwork I created with Blender on Solus.

And the AO pass:


This artwork is amazing!

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Thank you! And thanks to FOSS programs like Blender out there who make this stuff possible without any cost barrier to entry!