Allow myself to introduce... myself

Hello, my name is MeGyver, and I am a distrohopper.

I got my first taste on Fedora 8. Unfortunately it did not last long as there were wi-fi issues and I did not have the time to commit to making things work back then. I never forgot the warm Linux feeling. I always looked back and kept longing for a time I could get another taste.

Fast forward almost a decade and I got my hands on an old “gateway” laptop (I realize now how ironic it was that that was the manufacturer). I installed Linux Mint and that was it. I started with cinnamon, xfce. I moved on to Xubuntu, then Ubuntu Mate. I got a System76 laptop so I could get into the “harder” stuff. I dove into Plasma, and eventually got into Arch.

Now I am always trying to find that same high as getting a distro installed, tweaking the DE, making things just how I want them … and then trying a new distro and DE.

I have been known to hop three times in a week or more.

Thank you for listening.

PS: I am still in denial about needing help. So no interventions please.


Welcome to the community and my sympathy. :wink:

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I can’t afford Manjaro for a habit. I prefer Arco.

Great introduction! Welcome to the club, although I have curtailed my distro hopping habit a bit in the interest of getting things done. :smile:

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Hello. What you need to remember, is that you’re not alone. Everyone here had the same experience as you. Some of us still struggle with it, but we will help.

Welcome aboard !!!

Awesome dude, I personally started on Ubuntu, hopped DEs, until building Arch. I worked so hard on Arch I couldn’t make myself hop. I need a second machine for hopping, because it is amazing to see new distros and DEs. So there are some amazing parts of hopping, and I am glad you can enjoy them

Puppy → Mint → PeppermintOS → Lubuntu → Solus → Porteus → Bunsenlabs → Sparky → LXLE. And I’m finally cured! :wink:

Man you gotta respect Mint as the welcoming gates of Linux. Same here.

Several years back I tried getting in with several distros but only Mint w/ MATE stuck and it stuck like WIndows-user fly paper. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have just been notified that I am “New user of the Month” for March 2020.

I just want to thank all the little people that helped me get here, my second grade teacher Mrs Kerrigan who always… wait… what??
I’ve been given the award on April 1st.

Oh that’s just great!! There is no award is there ?!?!
Ha ha, you got me. Feel proud of yourselves?!?



Joke’s on you - you’ve just been chosen as tribute. Now march in an orderly fashion to the Stool of Sacrifice and we’ll turn off the lights. The grue will be in shortly.

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Ok, I think April Fools works WAY differently in the UK.

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