A way to "shorten" network share's names in linux filemanagers?


for a longer time I wonder, if it is possible to kind of “rename” my network shares in my file manager. In my case its dolphin under Plasma, but I think its the same thing with other DE’s or filemanagers.

For example, I have a share name from my Synology that is called “smith-photography”. And it is mounted under /media/synology/smith-photography, then the name in dolphin looks like this:

smith-photography:/media/synology/smith-photography on

This is a VERY LONG name…

I could not find a way to rename this in Kubuntu 20.04.

Does one of you know a way? I would very much appreciate any help.

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It should be renamed on the NAS itself… otherwise, make a symbolic link which is nice and short:

ln -s /media/synology/smith-photography smith-pix-nas


this is actually an idea I did not think of yet. And its a great idea. Although using linux for 10 years now, I did not come to this idea myself…

It only has two issues:
It works… I have 6 network shares… that are not automounted (because not all of my 3 synologys are always mounted), so they are mounted when I click on the share in dolphin. This is not possible using links and when hiding the “longer links”…

2nd issue: when creating a link with “ln” when the share is not yet mounted the linked folder is and stays empty, even if I mount it after that…

Its a workarround… and a thinkable solution.

Perhaps someone has another idea. I know there are some rules… similar to udev or so… that are responsible for this “nomenclature”…

I’m not familiar with Synology but i’ve also encountered problems with ln with network shares.

bindfs solved my issue and makes the linked folder complete opaque. It also has custom owner/group translation if you need it.

Just a word of caution that opaque really means opaque so if you rm -r the binded folder it’ll happily crawl into the source folder and delete all the files, not just the binded folder. Make sure to use umount before removing it.

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I’ve administered FTP, NFS and SMB servers in the past, but now I have more of a “distributed” mindset (as opposed to a “centralized fileserver” mindset) where I just sync files from machine to machine with Syncthing (when there are many files and folders), or just magic wormhole, if it’s just a quick, one-off file (requiring no set-up: adding devices, creating shared folders, etc, as is the case with Syncthing).

Both Syncthing and magic wormhole punch firewalls. They are totally cloud-friendly (as in, secure), and I work with enough cloud servers that I want to not have to care about firewalls and port forwarding.

These tools are a nomad’s delight.

Why would I mention this? When it comes to magic wormhole, and Syncthing, there is not really any such thing as a “share name”. In the case of Syncthing, you get to specify whatever local folder name you want, when you accept a shared-across folder (which is internally known to Syncthing by a unique identifier called a “Folder ID”). So herein lies the possible freedom to have a different local share folder name than what was offered by the source, and it can be as short as you like.