7 screen laptop? Just because you can?

It doesn’t look all that user friendly to me, but that might be because of how the picture was taken.
Would you go for something like this?

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I have dual monitors and might be willing to go to three for my desktop but honestly with the option of using workspaces or virtual desktops I don’t really see the need.

I don’t know how easy it would be to pack-up and travel with, but I “NEED” one!


hmmm – probably not. However, I’m currently using a matching, dual monitor setup and am thinking about going to 3. So, perhaps my inability to grasp the need for 7 monitors is squelched until I first experience and appreciate the limitations of 6.


I have a 2009 Macbook pro with 1 screen that gets 20 minutes of life on battery. 1 hour would be an improvement!

I could see myself taking this to the local coffee shop to browse twitter on free WiFi while causing a small brown out when plugged in.


This kind of ‘laptop’ is like a story you’d see on April 1st. Just no practical application that I can see. But it wouldn’t look out of place in the old “Hakers” movie.

Imagine pulling that out on an aeroplane, worth it just for the look on the surrounding faces. Right up until the point your instructed to put it away by the stewardess.