250: We're Experiencing Some Ennuicastr


Yahweasel is such a likeable dude, top class guest pick.


KDE Connect was nice, but I stopped using it since it interferes with xpadneo.

Thanks, everyone! Great show, as ever :slight_smile: I always love when you have a developer on, sharing lots of detail. I also learned to code on my C64 - though I was ten when I started and moved onto assembly after BASIC! Ah… those were the (innocent) days! (Also a vim user; agree IDEs are useful, but a bit heavy when quick work needs doing. Kate is excellent too, I find.)

I’ve been using LibreWolf for some months now, but realise Firefox really needs to keep going. I just hope Mozilla keep it all according to community values and feedback.

Nice to see Tizen being mentioned. I really wish that had been a more open, Android alternative, and we don’t really hear that much about it, sadly. Not sure why Huawei didn’t throw their weight behind it too, rather than make their own version?

I have recently started using KDEConnect and enjoy it too – thanks for the recommendation!

Oh… and happy DL birthday, Jill – wonderful to have you on the show, always :slight_smile:

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