247: Is Firefox Slowly Dying? Can Mozilla Save It?

Thanks for the reply and for sharing your thoughts.

I am not happy that this is happening. And I appreciate how important it is to have a browser other than Safari and Chromium based.

But Mozilla Corporation in my opinion is either not interested or not capable. And they are making quite some money from google. If they cannot do it with 400+ million a year, I do not have confidence they can spend it well, and I don’t want to throw my money away supporting them. I rather donate what I can to EFF and FSF.

Do I want Firefox or a non chromium browser? Hell yeah. Am I willing to support Mozilla Corporation no matter what they do, just because Firefox? Hell no.

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I’ve been using LibreWolf for almost everything for some months now, inspired by when I first watched this episode, and am very happy with it. Of course who knows if it will take off in a big way, but at least it’s a start.

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Glad that newest versions of both Firefox and LibreWolf are available as flatpaks that run very well on Debian Stable :slight_smile: