240: 30 Years of Linux & What Linux Means To Us


I love your discussion about what Linux is for you.


Linux allows me to distro hop somewhat and to relive my history. I run Ubuntu 21.04 on openZFS 2.0 with Virtualbox. Linux allows me to keep my history in my Virtualbox VM collection:

  • MS-DOS and DR-DOS
  • All Windows releases from 1.04 till 10 with the for me special versions: Windows for Workgroups 3.11 used on my 486DX66; Windows NT 4.0 used at work and Windows XP Home used from 2002 till now for playing music :).
  • All Ubuntu LTS releases from 4.10; 6.06 LTS till 20.04 LTS and 21.10 Development Edition.
  • Other Ubuntu Family Members; Lubuntu 12.04 and 20.04, Xubuntu 12.04; 18.04; 20.04 and the 21.10 Development Edition; Ubuntu Mate 18.04; 20.04 and 21.10; Kubuntu 20.04; Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 and 21.10; Ubuntu Studio 20.04; Ubuntu Unity 20.04 and Ubuntu DDE 20.04.
  • OpenSuse 12.1 (KDE, XFCE; Gnome and LXDE ) and 15.3 Leap (Gnome).
  • Ubuntu derivatives; Linux Mint 20.2; Peppermint 7; 9 and 10; Linspire 10 and Zorin 15 Lite and 16.
  • Arch derivatives; Manjaro 20.1; Garuda
  • Deepin 20.2 and Fedora 33 and 34

My favorite desktops are XFCE and Ubuntu-Gnome 2; 3 and 40. My favorite distros Ubuntu 8.04; 10.04 and 16.04 and very probably Ubuntu 21.10 with Ubuntu-Gnome :slight_smile:

I have to reinstall some old OSes, like my first Linux system a Pentium II with Ubuntu 5.10 and from the 486DX66 OS/2 Warp, that I dual booted for some time with WfW 3.11.

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Thanks everyone for a great show as usual!

I remember when I first heard of Linux and thought what a crazy idea to try to oppose MS Windows. I think it’ll take at least 30 years to get anywhere close…! Linux has exceeded by far my initial expectations of it, though I loved the idea all the way back from when I first installed Slackware in approx 1995.

Really enjoyed everyone’s “What Linux Means to You” though I have to go with @kernellinux as what he says is probably closest to what Linux means to me.

Here’s looking forward to even more progress in the next 30 years!