223: Interview with CEO of LBRY (Odysee) Plus Bo's Hack Snack


Great show Everyone ! But i must say, Bo Weaver’s snack this week was simply amazing and near and dear to my heart.

00:38:47​ = Bo’s Hack Snack: Digital Steganography

This struck a cord with me because of a recent (kind of) reveal of traditional Printers having a form of stenography without anyone’s knowledge.

There are other articles containing info on traditional printers having HDD’s for the purpose of keeping versions of your copies included as well, I will update this comment when I find those relevant articles. For personal use, using Images as a form of 2-factor authentication for encrypted drives is a good alternative as well. Encrypting your password, then embedding it into an image and using that as the key is a craft way of pulling all thi off.

Also in the news was a form of stenography, with Brittany Spears images were used by Russian hackers :



I used to work as a digital media forensics specialist (mobile devices primarily; phones/laptops, etc.) and we would run across steganography all the time. While it can be used to hide messages/payloads, there are are tools that can detect the presence of steganography very easily. Most devices we would receive would automatically have steganography checks run across all files as one of the first processing steps. Even if the payload was encrypted, just knowing there is a payload is often enough to warrant further escalation. Also, depending on the type of steganography used (tool, file type, payload, etc.), it can be ruined or overwritten by editing the photo (or whatever the base file happens to be). This can be compounded if the payload is encrypted first using chain ciphers that require the entire payload to be in tact in order to decrypt any of it.


Thanks everyone, excellent show again!

I was particularly inspired by Jeremy’s interview - so much enthusiasm for open source :slight_smile: I’ve already recommended odysee.com to quite a few people but will spread the word more, and say a bit about the ongoing case.

Bo’s Shack is also always welcome. I’m glad we haven’t lost you to MS, Bo :wink:

A lot of cool Firefox shortcuts. I always wonder if “New Private Window” achieves a similar effect to a container tab though? Any ideas?

In terms of the DLN swag, I am wondering if Hardware Addicts apron might finally inspire me to improve my cooking skills… Worth a try, surely :wink:


@kbknapp thank you for your insight, that is very interesting point. Also welcome back to the forum. :smiley:

@ak2020 Odysee is quite cool and it is the only YT alternative I’m even remotely interested in these days. I think the Apron will be a help in that. :smiley:

I can answer the private browsing question, no it will not function like a container. It only doesnt log cookies or browsing history. It doesn’t isolate you to a given session.


Thanks, Michael. I usually run Firefox in private mode only, so I wondered if containers worked with that or not, but given they come very highly recommended by you, I’ll certainly give them a try :slight_smile:

Be sure to run the Flatpak of Firefox too so you get a container in a container. Even better if you have that running in docker for tripple containerization. Its like a nice set of Tupperware.


Yes thanks, flatpak firefox is a treat. I think I need to set special permissions for it to open html files from USB drives though!

I never thought about running FF in docker. Very interesting

I already switched most of my subscriptions that I had on YouTube onto LBRY or rather Odysee.

Looking forward to the interview because I am terribly behind all podcasts.

This was a problem with thumbnailer software running / executing scripts because the executable was embeeded in th image.

Also, if you have SELinux… You can use the policycoreutils-sandbox and really be in a sandbox.