207: SCaLE 19x, RISC-V Laptop, Unreal Engine 5, Asahi Linux, System76 and more Linux news!

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - a lot of cool news here. I, too am very eager to see the uptake of RISC-V for so many reasons. A lot of hope in this :slight_smile: Meantime good to see System76 continuing with their excellent work. I’d love to buy one of their machines some time - when I can afford one(!) due to all of the innovation they’re bringing to the community, including with CoreBoot. Wouldn’t a RISC-V machine with CoreBoot running Linux be just a dream?!

Similarly, SCaLE sounds fantastic. I’ve only been to the US once, and it was when I was related to some research I was doing, so I stayed in San Francisco, walking distance from UC Berkeley, if I remember correctly, so it was very exciting especially as I was (and am) a fan of some of the work done there :slight_smile:

Apparently OpenOffice reports millions of downloads, still, many for Windows. I guess they have their niche, though I remember somewhat nervously switching to LibreOffice about a year after its launch when I still wasn’t sure which of the two would become the major project.

Also, so glad to see NVidia contributing to the awesome FFMPEG!