189: Linux 5.17, Mesa 22.0, Budgie Desktop, Wine, Dirty Pipe Vulnerability and more Linux news

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - really enjoyed this, as usual! Now I’m up-to-date on my TWiL and DL podcasts, I think I’ll catch-up on Hardware Addicts next, though I’m very behind.

I popped onto your sponsor Visuex’s site - very impressive, thanks. I think it’s just decades of using the command line, so is it just me perceiving this as:

vi su ex

and wondering if you’re telling us you no-longer use vi or su because you’ve moved on to Kate and sudo? :wink:

More seriously though, great news as ever with kernel and other updates. I’m glad distros have patched that security flaw, though in mobile technologies I know some budget phones only provide updates for a very limited period and then that’s yet another vulnerability in Android?

Recently I’ve chosen to try my hand at contributing to open source in the KDE project; one reason is its impact could be so far-reaching, including for Linux based mobile phones. We really them!