160: Valve Steam Deck, PineTime Smartwatch, Solus, Windows 365, Ubuntu Touch | This Week in Linux


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - very informative and entertaining, as usual!

I’m not a gamer but I find the Steam Deck very exciting gnews indeed! Any way to avoid installing Windows sounds like an improvement to me, even it it’s this cloud service you mention. Who knows, may be the way to go when stuck with needing compatibility?

I did buy a fitness watch from Amazon one time, but it never worked and thankfully I got a refund. I am sure the PineTime will be a far superior product. I might even try one myself :slight_smile:

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hopefully it will be what I am looking for too :smiley:

The thing that is awesome about the Steam Deck is that it isnt a cloud service, this is a device that allows you to use your own existing Steam Library of games in a switch-style console. That’s what makes this even more amazing. :smiley:

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