159: Audacity Fiasco, Linux Mint 20.2, IBM, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Proxmox | This Week in Linux

  1. Impressed by the camera quality.
  2. Mini-tux should be casting the wall shadow.

Running Windows apps with Proton

As mentioning in the show


Reddit post mentioned in show:


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - really enjoyed this, entertaining and informative as ever! I did notice you seemed to be standing while presenting though not sure about other changes, apart from the famous stool disappearing, hopefully temporarily only!

I think it’s right to say that Audacity has long been a tool the open source community can be deservedly proud of. I think what might be causing concern is repeated possibility of in some way or other being less open with all of the new criteria being mentioned. Whereas these may seem justifiable in a commercial context (with laws to be maintained etc.) I have to say I’m glad there are build options that completely remove the telemetry and for the longer-term, I’d be more interested in the fork, frankly.

Minor correction to Linux Mint Cinnamon:

In Nemo, F3 toggles dual pane mode (as per your Dolphin comparison) - F6 switches between panes which has been in Nemo for a while. I spun up KDE Manjaro in a VM and double checked this. F6 in Dolphin toggles the path layout in each pane which is the point of difference between the two file managers.


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