158: Linux 5.13, Pipewire, System76 Pop!_OS, COSMIC Desktop, Darktable | This Week in Linux

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Dude… this hidden jem: Linux 5.13, Pipewire, System76 Pop!_OS, COSMIC Desktop, Darktable | This Week in Linux 158 - YouTube

A new generic usb driver added to the Kernel for use cases like turning Raspberry Pi Zero into a USB display adapter.

Up till now Linux could only use DisplayLink or USB-C with native video out and DisplayLink support for Linux is extremely limited and hard to get working (in my experience). This is a huge step forward for USB monitors on Linux.

Some criticism:

Deepin astroturfs FOSS apps with their own branding even if they make no adjustments. That’d be a red flag for any other distro doing that en’ mass.

As for the problem of simply citing “origin”:

Several Governments have problematic laws regarding gag orders over forced compliance with enforcement and spy agencies. Of those Australia, US and the UK are definitely among them. China however exerts considerably more control over it’s citizens.

That isn’t to say projects coming from these countries are inherently problematic. Merely that in proportion to the risks and what developers are involved in creating (a distro being one of the most powerful things you can make) it’s reasonable to expect a proportionate use of company canaries, personal canaries, a fuzzy annual/bi-annual report on warrants received (ex: between 1 and 20 for 2021), a 3rd party audit… at least some of those… and most of all focus on ease of verifiability of software (see: easy to read code that’s not bloated and wherever reasonable a checksum match with the original maintainer.)

Deepin as far as I can tell has almost no concern with mitigating these risks.

I respect that they’re just interested in making a cool user experience and taking every app under their project but without that information a user can’t make an informed choice as merely saying “origin” isn’t a real description of the problem.

Thanks, @MichaelTunnell for another informative and entertaining episode! I’ve never used TuxPaint but I’m quite excited at the prospect of @dasgeek deploying it for a new icon for his Michael Bot. I think we could be in for another classic :wink: