154: openSUSE, Blender, OBS Studio 27, Kali Linux, Amazon Sidewalk, Firefox 89 | This Week in Linux


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - excellent show, as always! I’m wondering if the apron actually says “TWiL while you grill” on it?! If not, may we have one, please?

Amazon… well, I trusted them a lot when they were basically a bookstore, and have heavily invested in Kindle for many reasons, but I wouldn’t go any further than that, frankly and have no wish to buy any of their Alexa products, for example. I don’t like the sound of their network at all. Opinions do differ, as you say.

When the new Firefox look was first mentioned, I didn’t really care much because Firefox has long been my favourite and it didn’t look like they were drastically altering anything for the worse. Having been using the new UI on desktop and mobile for a few days now, I much, much prefer it :+1:

I’ve always used Clonezilla for recovery, nothing else. I do wonder about reliability of cloning software for SSDs as their blocks start wearing out and marked as unavailable though. Doesn’t recovery fail in such cases due to the disk size having perceived as being smaller than that of the backup? Insights would be appreciated especially as I’ve finally started using SSDs too.


This guy gets it.



I bet he has increased FPS as well :laughing:

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